Air Fryer Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

Air Fryer Tips and Tricks to follow, according to chefs.

The Air Fryer has become the paramount kitchen machine for its ability to make quick and easy meals. Air-fryer meals taste great but are lower in fat and calories.

If you just bought an air fryer and need some tips for effective use, here are a few things every new or potential air fryer chef should know.

Let’s follow the essential air fryer tips and tricks.

Clean Air Fryer After Every Use

You must use a non-abrasive sponge and soapy water to clean the air fryer basket. Then allow airing to dry completely before reinstalling.

Use parchment paper as a barrier when cooking messier foods to avoid scraping the basket too hard. Otherwise, it could lead to pieces of the non-stick coating coming off.

In addition, do not forget to give the outside of the air fryer a wipe-down after every use. Try to blank any crumbs that may have fallen inside the unit.

Some master Chef recommends a paste of baking soda and water to remove stuck-on food and stains.

You can Air Fry Plant Proteins, too.

If you do not like the soft texture of your food, an air fryer can make it delicious and crispy without a deep fryer. You can use your air fryer for plant proteins like tempeh, tofu, etc.

Get Creative Recipes- Air Fryer French Toast

One of the best parts about air fryer French toast is that you will get all the crispiness of the traditional recipe without adding butter or oils.

Never Use Non-Stick Sprays like Pam

Always use an oil mister or regular jarred oil to prevent sticking, and add crisp instead aerosol sprays like Pam. Because Pam contains such ingredients that can cause chipping to the coating of the air fryer.

Avoid Overloading the Basket

Sometimes, people can be tempted to put as much as possible in an air fryer basket, but the air must be circulated through all the pieces. If you fill it fully, the middle of the basket will end up steaming. So, Myers suggested that Leave some room inside.

Use Your Air Fryer Instead Of Your Oven

Yes, it is an unpleasant truth that an air fryer is a fast and relatively cool alternative to keep your room hot. “An air fryer can cook without heating your whole kitchen as a traditional oven would, said Kennedy.

Use Your Air Fryer Instead Microwave To Reheat Leftovers

Use an air fryer instead of a microwave to take full advantage, and use it for breathing new life into leftovers.

Air fryer ensures your leftovers become as crispy. “Air fryers have an impressive ability to heat up and elevate leftovers,” Kennedy said. Foods like egg rolls, taquitos, and arancini come out tasting as delicious as they were fresh.

Check The Temperature When Cooking Meat In An Air Fryer

It’s important that meat is cooked thoroughly enough to kill bacteria — and, in some cases, the crispiness imparted by air-frying can disguise undercooked meat.

You have got a good quality and quick-read thermometer to check your food’s doneness,” said Riley. “This is especially important when cooking things like steak and chicken.

According to the CDC, to be safe to eat, whole cuts of beef, lamb, and veal should internally reach 145 degrees Fahrenheit; ground meats, like beef, should internally reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit, and all poultry should internally reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shake Air Fryer Basket Throughout The Cooking Process

Moving your food around a little can help it crisp accurately in the air fryer. “While cooking, try to shake the basket a few times to ensure everything is browning and cooking evenly,” said Riley.

He said this process is particularly useful when cooking small items, such as chopped vegetables or French fries.

Some More Air Fryer Tips and Tricks

  • For larger items, for example, whole chicken cutlets, cook them in a single layer and do not stack them.
  • You can cook just about any frozen food, from chicken nuggets to cauliflower gnocchi, in the air fryer.
  • Make sure there are at least 5 inches of space around your air fryer.
    You can “hard-boil” eggs in an air fryer, too.
  • Add water to the air fryer drawer when cooking fatty foods, for instance, chicken thighs, to prevent smoking.

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