6 Things should cook and 6 things shouldn’t in an air fryer

Yes, Air Fryer is indeed becoming very popular for its friendly user, cost-effectiveness, safe use opportunity, and time-saving function. Most importantly, air fryers can be suitable and multipurpose when it comes to cooking many dishes, but not all food should be tossed into this kitchen appliance.

Here are the best and worst foods to cook in an air fryer, according to chefs and other cooking experts:

Frozen food can become nice and crispy

The air fryer is a great kitchen appliance to use for cooking or reheating your food that has been frozen. The air fryer does a great job of making frozen food crispy because of the convection function in it.

Brussels sprouts get good and crispy in the air fryer, even without oil

Brussels sprouts cook very well in an air fryer, according to Stephanie Pixley, the deputy food editor of America’s Test Kitchen. The air fryer helps the sprouts get crispy and enjoyable.

You can quickly make cookies in an air fryer because of its preheat function

Cookies can flourish in an air fryer; and more, they are quick to prepare.

By practicing and patience, you can make a beautifully cooked steak in an air fryer

Since air fryer is similar to ovens, it can also be used to cook steak. You can get a nice cooked steak in the air fryer. It will allow you to skip the smoke and flames from the grill.

Air fryer can help to avoid soggy zoodles

It may sound weird, but zoodles (It can be used as a pasta alternative) are an ideal air-fryer food.

Make chicken breasts for juicy results in the air fryer

The air fryer produces a much juicier chicken breast compared to the traditional oven or the stovetop, according to Dang. You can also cook Glazed chicken nicely in an air fryer.

The vegetable like Broccoli can dry out in an air fryer

Brussels sprouts are air-fryer-friendly, but broccoli is not.

Always avoid putting large roasts or full chickens in the air fryer

Larger roasts and whole chickens will not cook well in the air fryer. The portion of chicken closest to the heat source will burn and dry out.

Any food with a wet batter should not be placed

Try to avoid putting food that has a wet batter, for example, corndogs or tempura shrimp, in air fryers. The batter drip off the food during cooking and possibly burn to the bottom of your air fryer.

Cheese can produce a massive mess in an air fryer

You should also avoid putting cheese in an air fryer, according to Polak.

Fresh greens do not fit in an air fryer because they will fly all over the place

Fresh greens, like kale or spinach, will fly all over the place and cook unevenly, according to Polak.

Over seasoned proteins and vegetables should be avoided

Food that has a dry surface with seasonings, these seasonings can get blown off by the airflow in an air fryer.

Final Thought

After considering the above list, you will wonder whether you should buy an sir fryer at home. If you are a big fan of French fries, fried chicken, or even dissert, want to have full control over cooking process, time saving, quick cooking, we suggest you can go for it a try. I think an air fryer might be the ideal device for you.

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