The 15 Best Things to Cook in an Air Fryer

What to cook in air fryer? Air fryers have suddenly found their place not only at home kitchen but also at numerous hotels and restaurants. It is a great alternative to the oven. You can think of it as an effective small oven with increased airflow. It helps to achieve ideally, the crispy exterior of deep-fried food without oil. Without producing as much heat in your home, this gadget works well for any dish that would normally be cooked in an oven or on the stovetop.

Here are 15 things to cook if you have got an air fryer.

French Fries

French fries are one of the most popular things to cook in an air fryer. Air fryers use a little portion of the oil and make it appreciably crispy French fried and fluffy inside.

Brussels Sprouts

Air fryer allows making Brussels sprouts a tasty treat. It helps to get them crispy.

Cauliflower Tots

Are you a vegetarian and want to get healthy with your deep-fried potato snacks? Then swap out some potatoes for cauliflower. It will give the crumbly texture of tater tots. Thus, you will consume fewer carbs and less fat.

Bloomin’ Onion

Wilderness, the non-Australian Australian steakhouse is maybe known for its deep-fried Bloomin’ Onion than it is for the steak.

Fish & Chips

Cooking your meal in an air fryer outcome in crispy, crumbling fish and crunchy fries in the fryer. Air fryer fish is the perfect substitute. It is every bit as crusty and the fish stays seamlessly flaky.


The Simply Scratch results are for every bagel, but you can adapt the seasonings, or neglect them completely, to fulfill your tastes. Air frying bagel results in a stringy bagel with a crusty surface.


Salmon is a popular meal and is not very difficult to cook. But cooking Salmon in the air fryer, which flows hot air around the salmon so it remains moisture, makes it slightly easier.


Normally cheeseburger contains fat that increases fat on your body but cooking a cheeseburger in an air fryer will drastically reduce the amount of fat associated with a burger.

Roast Beef

Try to cook roast beef in an air fryer. It is guaranteed to deliver you a delicious, medium roast beef in an hour. From this time forth, you can have a low-carb, keto-friendly, perfectly air-fried roast beef with little effort.

Macaroni and Cheese

Cooking macaroni and cheese in an air fryer is as easy as making the boxed stuff, without the neon cheese dust. There is no need to boil the pasta separately.

Why should I make mac & cheese in an air fryer? First of all, an air fryer is a countertop convection oven. It circulates hot air above and around the food inside this small appliance. So, some foods get crisp up or ‘fry’, while other foods—like this macaroni & cheese recipe—bake up very quickly in the air fryer.

Turkey Breast

It is recommended not to put a whole turkey into an air fryer, but you can place at least its breast to get juicy perfection.


Roasted chickens are very popular and the best snacks around the world. Put a can of chickpeas and heat them in the air fryer to get a crispy snack in about 15 minutes.

Apple Chips

Grocery stores are selling three-ounce (3oz) bags of apple chips for like $5. No need to worry. You can make your own in an air fryer for a fraction of the market price. Apple chips are the perfect alternative to potato chips.


Get perfectly crispy tofu from air fryer by making sure you use the extra-firm variety. No rocky beige cubes here.


You are taking the easy route with an air fryer, so you might as well cheat your way to donuts. Buy frozen pre-made biscuit dough and fry up a baker’s dozen of sweet donuts. Set temperature to 350°F and cook. To prevent the donuts from sticking, you will want to spray the air fryer basket with just a bit of oil.

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