Anvik Airport -Your Gateway to Adventure

Anvik Airport: Fly into the heart of Alaska- Your gateway to adventure.

Anvik Airport (IATA code: ANV, ICAO code: PANV) is a public airport located in the city of Anvik in the Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area of the U.S. state of Alaska. The airport is owned by the state of Alaska and operated by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. It serves as an important transportation hub for the surrounding area, providing access to remote communities, fishing lodges, and hunting camps.


Anvik Airport covers an area of 165 acres at an elevation of 243 feet above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 2/20 with an asphalt surface measuring 4,000 by 75 feet. The airport can accommodate small to medium-sized aircraft such as Cessna 208 Caravans, Piper PA-31 Navajos, and Beechcraft King Airs. There are no scheduled commercial flights to or from Anvik Airport.


The airport features a small terminal building with amenities like restrooms, a waiting area, and a vending machine. There is no food or beverage service available at the airport. The terminal is only open during scheduled flights and for charters.


Anvik Airport serves mainly as a gateway for visitors to Anvik and the surrounding area. The airport is often used by hunters and fishermen, and tourists looking to explore the region’s natural beauty. It is also an important lifeline for the local community, providing access to medical care and other essential services.

A Table With Useful Information And Statistics About Anvik Airport:

Airport typePublic
OwnerState of Alaska DOT&PF Central Region
LocationAnvik, Alaska
Timezone:AKDT (UTC-08:00)
Coordinates62°39′56″N 160°12′39″W
Elevation220 feet (67 meters) above sea level
Runway length2,200 feet (671 meters)
Runway surfaceGravel
Enplanements1,034 (2020)

These statistics give a general overview of Anvik Airport’s location, ownership, runway specifications, and recent airport activity.

Facts About Anvik Airport

  • The airport is owned by the state of Alaska and is managed by the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.
  • Anvik Airport is one of Alaska’s few airports with a paved runway.
  • The airport’s runway is oriented east-west and has a length of 3,000 feet.
  • This airport is classified as a general aviation airport primarily used for air taxi and private aircraft operations.
  • Due to its location in a rural area, it has few facilities or amenities available to passengers.
  • It is one of the many airports in Alaska that plays a crucial role in connecting remote communities to the rest of the state and the country.
  • This airport has a single gravel runway that measures 3,000 feet in length and 60 feet in width.
  • It is considered a vital lifeline for the remote community of Anvik, providing vital connections to other parts of Alaska.
  • The airport is only accessible by air and water, with no road connections to other towns or cities.
  • Anvik Airport has been the site of several aviation-related accidents and incidents over the years, including a 2014 crash that claimed the lives of two pilots.
  • The airport has a small terminal building offering basic amenities such as restrooms and passenger seating areas.
  • No commercial airlines operate regular flights to this Airport, with local air taxi companies provide all services.


Anvik Airport may be small, but it plays an important role in connecting the people of Anvik with the rest of the world. It’s remote location and limited facilities make it a unique destination for those looking for a true Alaskan adventure. Whether you’re a hunter, fisherman, or tourist, Anvik Airport is the perfect starting point for exploring this beautiful and rugged part of the world.

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